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Brian Lammey


My wife and I live a sunny Florida and as most Floridians, we have a pool, a saltwater pool in our backyard. My wife loves to swim whenever the opportunity presents itself. She has very sensitive skin and feels discomfort from itchy skin for hours after a relaxing swim. I set out to find a solution and was ecstatic when I found it. That is how Clear and Blue was created. Now my beautiful wife can enjoy splashing around with the kids and quiet midnight swim without the discomfort. I hope you and your family will enjoy your pool as well as we do.

It’s all Greek to me


The history of mineral bathing and it benefits dates to ancient Greece around 500 B.C but the proprietary formula for Clear and Blue was developed in the 1990s. Our goal is to create swimming pool water that is gentler on the skin as well as the environment. Pool owners can also enjoy the added peace of mind knowing that Clear and Blue has the stamp of approval from the EPA.

Experience the difference

Clear and Blue ™ pools can greatly improve the bathing comfort for swimmers and little splashers. Offering all pool owners, the joy and benefits of Clear and Bluewater that is softer, silkier, clearer and smells better than the chlorine pool water. An alarming amount of US pool owners and family members have a skin condition or respiratory conditions who can benefit greatly from Clear and Blue Pools. Utilizing the same minerals found in natural mineral springs, a Clear and Blue Pool is gentler on the eyes, hair, and skin. This can greatly reduce the discomfort people with sensitive skin normally feel in salt or manually chlorinated pools.

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Clear and Blue ™ fun facts:

The proprietary pool and spa care system has been proven for more than three decades and is EPA approved and registered in all 50 states for Pool and Spa use to kill bacteria and algae. Clear and Blue ™ is also certified by the NSF for drinking water, which is pretty cool for a pool chemical, right?

The main active ingredient in Clear and Blue ™ is cooper which is an excellent treatment for algae blooms. The proprietary technology causes the copper ion to have two positively charged side rather than just one as in all other cooper pool product. The one positive charged side holds on to the additive and thus the cooper will not stain your pool. The second positive charge is attracted and attached to the negatively charged particles like algae, bacteria, and other organisms. The cooper is then consumed or eaten by the gross stuff in your pool and killed and filtered out. In comparison to chlorine or bromine which blows up the bacteria and causes a smell.
The positive and negative charges pushing back and forth against each other circulates Clear and Blue ™ and eliminates dead spot in the pool, which makes it far superior controlling algae and bacteria than chlorine and bromine.

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